GoPro: Sarajevo Bobsled Bikers

415 Views0 Comments

Watch Matej Drnovsek and Hasan Gusic as they charge down an abandoned bobsled track in Sarejevo, Bosnia.

Dirt Bike Surfing

674 Views0 Comments

Watch amazing dirt bike surfing from DC SHOES: ROBBIE MADDISON'S "PIPE DREAM"

Stop-Motion Karate

776 Views0 Comments

Check out the awesome stop motion karate, two people turned karate into epic battle.

Kids Reacting To Dropped Wallet

917 Views0 Comments

Watch this video how kids reacts to adult dropping the wallet.

Land Rover Smartphone Drive Technology

629 Views0 Comments

Watch Land Rover's Autonomous Car Technology, let you drive with the smartphone.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Prank

931 Views0 Comments

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger's Prank for good cause.

Dance Routine In 100 Different Locations

906 Views0 Comments

Watch same dance routine in 100 different locations in Chicago by Matt Bray.

Insane Jet Sprint Boat Race

1.43K Views0 Comments

Watch this insane jetsprint boat race as if you feel inside of the boat.

Running of the Goats

970 Views0 Comments

An adorable video of running goats chasing humans from Sunflower Farm.


1.15K Views0 Comments

Watch this amazing Drone Wars video from Parrot the French company who makes MiniDrones.

Awesome Waving Bear Catch

1.10K Views0 Comments

Coolest Bear waves his hand and catches the food with one paw.

Robot Dog Run

992 Views0 Comments

Google's Boston Dynamics unveils smaller, lighter robotic dog named Spot.

Old People Dancing – “80-odd years of happy”

590 Views0 Comments

80-odd years of happy - Sixty residents and staff at the Diana Isaac Retirement Village in Christchurch combined all their considerable talents to come up with this tribute, 80-odd years of happy. The residents wanted...

When Bear And Human Met Each other

679 Views0 Comments

Watch this funny video of Bear and human both met each other.

Google Self-Driving Car

700 Views0 Comments

Watch Google self-driving vehicle to transform mobility, easier, safer, and more enjoyable for everyone to get around.

Exploring the Sky: Wingsuit Aerial Fleet

651 Views0 Comments

Wingsuit pilots from all over the world recently gathered to test the limits of flying in large vertical fleets. It is a new discipline that is now possible due to the tremendous forward speed of wingsuits which allow...

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